About EVGA


Electric Vehicles Goes Arctic! –project (EVGA) aims for arctic operability of charging systems for electric vehicles and related services and components. The need for expertise in arctic conditions increases as vehicle technology is shifting more from traditional combustion engine technology to electric and hybrid technology. As the technology develops, the role of energy efficiency and the ability to tolerate arctic conditions will grow in the life cycle costs of a vehicle. The main goal is to find out what the needs and problems related to the operability and reliability of electric vehicles are.

As a result of this project we will promote the use of electric traffic and development of new competitive products and services. The ability to perform well in arctic conditions is ensured through thorough testing in different environments. We concentrate on developing testing services and systems for electric vehicles and utilizing the expertise in northern arctic conditions to create charging infrastructure products and services for electric vehicles.

Many Finnish companies and organizations from different fields participate in EVGA consortium. There are for example electricity, ICT, business and vehicle testing companies involved. Consortium partners contribute to the project by providing strong expertise in conditions, testing and technology and also international cooperation networks. For example YTEK from Ylivieska, Satavision, Arina and Pörhö from Oulu and Northern Engineering from Muonio, Kemppi from Lahti and Brand Factory from Espoo participate in EVGA project.

We are researching and developing a testing environment for electric vehicles and systems that will take into account the special features of our environmental conditions. The testing environment will support business of the companies in our area and also increase the development of new products and services and help them in penetrating the market.

In the Centria coordinated research we aim to find solutions to developing customer centered data transferring technologies, measuring and testing systems and services that can meet the future demands. We also seek deeper understanding of prerequisites for arctic operability in the difficult and harsh environment conditions of our area.

EVGA is part of the EVE program of Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation). The EVE – Electric Vehicle Systems program is aimed at companies and research institutes that work with electric vehicles and machinery as well as with the components and systems used in them. The long-term goal is to increase the amount of business related to electric vehicles and machinery from the level of the year 2010, EUR 200 million to approximately EUR 2 billion by 2020.

The aim of the EVE program is to create a community of electric vehicle and support system developers with close contacts to international research and business networks. The program also focuses on developing test environments and standards for the industry.